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Your Burning Questions Answered

No. While we do provide special training for elite and emerging elite athletes we also train athletes and the general population. If you spend enough time at TMC you’re sure to meet elite and professional athletes from a variety of sports.

Yes. Research has proven that well-supervised strength training can be an integral component of not only injury prevention but also performance enhancement in developing athletes. Although myths persist that weight training will stunt growth and harm bones and joints there is no (NONE!) research to support this notion and there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that appropriately implemented strength training can help in motor development and athletic performance. As with all program planning, appropriate progressions which are age and developmentally appropriate will be employed to ensure that the training is both safe and effective.

Yes and no. If your sport requires speed, power, strength and agility then we do sport specific training. If you’re expecting training for baseball catchers or specific exercises just for soccer defenders then you might be a little disappointed. The fact is that anyone who sells you specific training for sport positions, and even to some extent specific sports, is selling you

a bag of wind. Many of the super-specific exercises touted as sport specific are gimmicks more than effective training. This is especially true for developmental athletes. Athletes younger than 20 years old should train largely as generalists and progress to greater and greater sport specificity over time. This is what years of sport science research recommends and this is how we train our athletes.

This depends on your goals. In most cases, for athletes competing or practicing for their sport, 2-3 times per week is ideal. 3 times per week will typically yield better performance gains as long as it can be fit in to the training schedule. At 2 times per week, performance gains will still be made however if attendance drops to 1 time per week than the best one can hope for is maintenance of prior training adaptations.

The same holds true for our TMC Fit classes. Most clients attend 3-4 times per week however those with special performance goals will often attend up to 5 times per week. As with most things fitness related, the effect is dose-dependent. The greater your frequency and commitment the greater your rewards will be.

In most cases, the answer is a resounding…yes! One of the things we do best is develop training plans that fit for every circumstance and this includes cases of injury. Research and years of proper education/certification anecdotal evidence suggests that recovery and return to fitness will be significantly faster if you train safely and appropriately while recovering from the injury.

It’s always best to check our schedule for the most up to date facility hours. If you would like to set up a tour of the facility or speak with one of our staff we can be reached at