Sports Performance, Adult Fitness and More!

Come to The Metal Chapter to find out what you’re made of. Literally.
Unlike other gyms, our programs are detailed and efficient and will give results in a specific blueprint for us to create the best training plan on the market! Assessments are specific to the individual athlete and the sport(s) they are playing, or what may be causing pain from postural imbalance and difficult movement patterns. We’re here to help you strengthen your metal!


Want to get your 7-11 year old off to a great start to their fitness? Our Mighty METAL program establishes a healthy foundation of fitness for long-term development that will keep their bodies in shape as they grow.

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Looking to get your middle school athlete an inside edge on speed, strength, and conditioning? Jr. METAL is our beginner sports performance program geared towards middle school athletes from 6th grade to 8th grade.

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High School, College, Professional
Training – Offseason, Preseason, and In-season Training with elite specific programming that targets specific goal(s) of each season.

Practical nutrition, mindset, and recovery strategies will be implemented and taught each session. Our programs are 90 minutes in length each. We offer programs in 3/week, or unlimited weekly sessions.

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At The Metal Chapter, we have team training packages designed to increase the athletic skill level of your team. Our programs specifically focus on improving the strength, level, power, and speed of your sport and minimize the risk of injuries on the field.

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Is our program where you come as you are, and do your best. Our membership offers everything to fit your personal needs and our programming is aimed at helping you achieve your fitness goals. No matter what the goal is, our TMC FIT members have been a family and we support each other through our daily struggles and victories. 3 words sums up our members here: SIMPLE. POWERFUL. TOGETHER.

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Postural Restoration®

We are committed to the ongoing search for improved pathways of physical medicine to define better health. Our PRI specialist at TMC creates educational opportunities, rehab-care programs and develop innovative treatment with other doctors and PRI Therapists that addresses the primary contributions of postural kinematic movement dysfunction.

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