Daron Schoenrock, University of Memphis Baseball

I highly recommend and endorse The Metal Chapter and the work of Heidi and Barry Johnson in training the advanced athlete with goals of achieving peak performance as well as the non-athlete attempting to improve their quality of life.  I had the privilege, in my coaching career, of observing and coaching Barry as a professional baseball player and the diligence with which he trained and understood the direct correlation between physical preparation and success on the field.  He simply outworked his opponents over a long professional career.  Heidi worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach at an NCAA Division I school where I coached and had the opportunity to see her work first hand on a daily basis and the impact she had on our athletes in both the physical and mental realms of high level competition.  The “teaming up” of their experiences creates the most unique opportunity I have ever observed in the advanced field of strength training, conditioning and how these areas can positively impact performance.  Whether you are gearing up to improve athletic performance or simply to trying to become a better “you”, The Metal Chapter and Heidi and Barry Johnson receive my highest recommendation as skilled professionals and as quality people to handle your training.